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1.   Abraham Lincoln Online

A free online resource service provided by a dedicated group of Lincoln admirers.  This enjoyable and comprehensive site contains links and useful information on a variety of Lincoln related subjects from famous speeches to historical sites. This is the best site to start learning about Lincoln.  



2.  The Lincoln Forum

The Lincoln Forum was started in 1995 by the former president of the Abraham Lincoln Association and respected Lincoln scholar, Frank J. Williams, and Lincoln author Harold Holzer, and other Lincoln scholars.  The organization hosts numerous activities, projects, symposia, and tours to further the study of Abraham Lincoln.  The organization also publishes a newsletter and presents an annual award to recognize special contributions to the field of Lincoln studies. 

3.  Winds of Valor




"Its all about Honor"  Winds of Valor is a comprehensive compendium site organized and maintained by a group of authors, historians, artists, poets, and researchers who wish to honor the Americans who fought, bled, and died for their beliefs on the battlefield of Gettysburg in 1863. This compendium site strives to present all available information about the battle including articles, discussion boards, live internet presentations, records, diaries, genealogy, maps, art, photographs, and web links in a single, complied, cross referenced database.

4.   The Abraham Lincoln Association

Based in Lincoln's hometown of Springfield Illinois, the Abraham Lincoln Association is the nation's oldest and largest Lincoln organization.  Dedicated to the study and memory of Abraham Lincoln, the Association publishes a quarterly booklet for its members which contains interesting articles on Lincoln's life and current Lincoln activities and projects.  Every year in February the Association hosts a banquet and symposium in Springfield to honor the anniversary of Lincoln's birth. The Association also has been instrumental in supporting  important research into Lincoln's legal practice and has recently published a volume of books and CD's under the title of "The Lincoln Legal Papers Project."  Thanks to this exhaustive and lengthy project Lincoln's entire law practice can now be studied by anyone.  

5.   Civil War Institute

Civil War Institute of Gettysburg College, PA.  Dr. Gabor S. Boritt Director

6.   Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania

The stated mission of the Fellowship of Pennsylvania is: to observe as Americans each anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln; to fittingly commemorate the anniversary of the dedication of the Soldier's National Cemetery and the Gettysburg Address he delivered there; to preserve and make more readily accessible the landmarks associated with his life or ancestry within Pennsylvania; and to actively encourage the youth of our commonwealth to embrace his ideals.  


7.   Lincoln Group of New York

Established in 1978, The Lincoln Group Of New York is a non-profit, tax-exempt, historical society with nationwide membership dedicated to the study and discussion of the life and times of our 16th President of the United States

8.   Lincoln Institute of Mid Atlantic

The stated mission of this organization is: To provide ongoing informal education for metropolitan Washington and Mid Atlantic area educators, governmental, and community leaders, and the general public on the latest academic quality scholarship concerning the life, career, and legacy of President Abraham Lincoln.  



9.   Lincoln Group of District of Columbia

The Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia, Inc., founded in 1935, is a non-profit, tax-exempt historical society with a nationwide membership, devoted to the study of Abraham Lincoln.  Programs are held monthly in Washington, D.C., featuring nationally and locally recognized Lincoln scholars and specialists. 

10.   Association of Lincoln Presenters

The Association of Lincoln Presenters is an organization of men and women actors who dress in period costumes to portray Abraham and Mary Lincoln. Dedicated to bringing the Lincoln's to life, the presenter's goal is to educate, entertain, and inspire, by honoring the words and works of the Lincolns. 



Where to find Abraham Lincoln Publications


1.   Journal of Abraham Lincoln Assoc.

A Quarterly booklet published for the membership of the Abraham Lincoln Association, which contains articles and book reviews on subjects of Lincoln's life.  Also included is current information of Lincoln projects and research.  

2.   The Lincoln Herald

The Herald is a quarterly publication of Lincoln Memorial University located in Harrogate Tennessee.  The publication is devoted to publishing articles related to the life and times of Abraham Lincoln.

3.   Lincoln Lore

The Lincoln Lore Magazine is the quarterly publication of The Lincoln Museum in Ft. Wayne Indiana.

4.   The Railsplitter

The Railsplitter is a publication devoted to the Lincoln collector and specializes in the buying and selling of historic Lincolnania and Americana. 


5.   The Lincoln Newsletter

The Newsletter is a publication of  Lincoln College Museum located in Lincoln Illinois. 


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