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 1.  PhotographsAmerica.com

Highly reputable commercial site with immediate delivery of quality Lincoln photographs







PhotographsAmerica.com offers thousands of exceptional 16”x20” photographic prints. The site includes images from across America, but it is featuring an impressive collection of Lincoln photographs.  They include most of the quality images from the Library of Congress collection, which PhotographsAmerica.com has greatly restored, enhanced, and added tonal corrections to make them eminently frameable works of art.  Each image is printed on Ultra Premium Luster paper that will last more than 100 years.  You can order these prints from PhotographsAmerica.com for $25.95 each.  The site ships within two days.  It also offers some images already framed at reasonable prices.  Once you access the site, look to the left at the “Historic America” section and click on the “Abraham Lincoln” subcategory.  There you will also find modern-day, color images of the Lincoln Memorial, Ford’s Theatre, Lincoln’s Summer Cottage, and Booth’s derringer, among other Lincolniana sites and items photographed by nationally renowned photographer Carol M. Highsmith.  PhotographsAmerica.com is the place to look for exceptional Abraham Lincoln photographic prints.

2.  Abraham Lincoln Art Gallery

Photo Archive Page


Presented as a free public service, these photographs were obtained from the Library of Congress and include many that are not included in the Library's online catalog.  Photographs include brief biographical information and catalog numbers for the Meserve, Ostendorf, and Library of Congress systems.  The 8x10 inch photos are presented in jpeg format with file sizes of approximately 48mb for easy download.  Download on a standard phone modem should take around 30 seconds and will yield a high quality photograph when printed on glossy paper.  

3.  The Lincoln Museum

The Lincoln Museum Research Center

 The Lincoln Museum:  Research Library, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of Abraham Lincoln through research, preservation, exhibitry and education.  In addition to an incredible museum display of Lincoln artifacts and historical information, the museum has a well equipped and staffed research library available for all varieties and levels of study.  The staff is also eager to assist in research involving their comprehensive collection of books, documents, prints and engravings, original art, and 19th century photographs.  Reproduction photos can be ordered for a nominal fee similar to that of the Library of Congress.  The staff is knowledgeable, dedicated, and very helpful   

4.  Library Of Congress

Prints and Photographs Division Online Catalog Records Search Page 


The online catalog contains about 50% of the Library' s collection.  The link will take you to Library of Congress Online Catalog Home Page.  On right side of the page select the top link for Prints and Photographs (PPOC) "start searching."  On the next page click blue "Search Catalog" button.  The next page is the Prints and Photographs Online Catalog Search Page.  Select search records from, "All of categories/ collections listed below".  Enter the search word "Abraham Lincoln" and the search will yield several hundred Lincoln records of photographs and prints from posters and paintings.  The search engine is unable to narrow the search any further and the viewer will need to scroll through the entire list to locate only photographs.  However, the review is interesting and worth the effort. Several of the photographs are available for immediate download in various file sizes.  The Library also has a photo duplication service from which one can order excellent copies of any size for a reasonable cost, approx $18 for an eight by ten inch black and white print. The time required for fulfillment of an order is about 6 to 8 weeks.  There are no copyright restrictions on most of the material.   


5.  National Portrait Gallery

Smithsonian Institute National Portrait Gallery online collection 


Go to search.  Under sitter, enter “Lincoln, Abraham”. Under classification, select photograph. There are thirty Lincoln photographs available for a fee comparable to Library of Congress, many from the Fredrick Hill Meserve collection. Unlike the Library of Congress, there are some restrictions on use of images and extra fees for publication or online use.             



6.  Illinois State Library

Illinois State Historic Preservation Agency Lincoln Collection


Located in Springfield, Illinois, the Illinois State Historic Library Lincoln Collection has a huge comprehensive catalog of Lincoln documents, books, photographs and artifacts.  Photos can be ordered for a nominal fee similar to that of the Library of Congress.  The Library is designed to meet the needs of scholarly research, so there are some restrictions on the use of photographic images, especially online use. The staff is knowledgeable, dedicated, and very helpful.             



Books with the Best Lincoln Photographs

1.   Lincoln in Photographs

"Lincoln in Photographs an Album of Every Known Pose"

Authors: Lloyd Ostendorf and Charles Hamilton,  ISBN 089029-087-3, Publisher Morningside House Inc 1985.  The book lists and depicts every known Lincoln photo with interesting historical information using the Ostendorf and Meserve catalog numbering system. Although the photographic reproductions in the book are not high quality, the wonderful content and organization of the book makes its an essential part of any Lincoln collection as a research tool. Any Lincoln photograph ordered from any source will require reference to the Meserve or Ostendorf catalog numbers and this book is the only available source for this information. The book is still available from Morningside House Publishing, (morningsidebooks.com) 260 Oak St. Dayton Ohio, 937-461-6736.  Morningside specializes in civil war era reprints and recent books about the civil war and has a fascinating catalog. 

2.   The Face of Lincoln

"The Face of Lincoln, A Studio Book""

Author:  James Mellon,  ISBN 0-670-30433-6,  Publisher Viking Press, New York 1979.  A large format first edition Studio book containing large, beautiful, high quality reproductions of numerous Lincoln photographs.  This book is out of print and is considered a collector edition.  Collectors can locate a used copy using any online used book locator. A later version was printed by Penguin Press and still contains the same photographs, but is not the same exceptional quality of the first edition by Viking. 

3.   Lincoln 

Lincoln an Illustrated Biography"

Author:  Philip B. Kunhardt, Jr,  Philip B. Kunhardt III, Peter W. Kunhardt.  ISBN 0-679-40862-2, Publisher Alfred A. Knopf, inc. 1992. While there are many excellent books on every aspect of Lincoln's life, this large format book offers an excellent  general biography, and is richly illustrated with large high quality photographs. The book is still in print, and can be ordered from any bookseller. 


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